Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pudding for dinner, y'all.

Goals set yesterday:

  • keep it down to one diet coke Check
  • remember to bring my slimfast to class with me so I won't stare at snickers bars in desperation. Check
  • at least 20 minutes of exercise. Check
  • park three blocks from class and walk. Check.
  • log everything I eat on sparkpeople. Fail.
The days started off really well and I was all prepped. Brought my slimfast, parked three blocks away, was prepared for class. All that good stuff.

Today was one of those weird days when you spend half the evening running, though, and I never actually got around to eating dinner. Someone called again to borrow money like I have this mother fucking secret money stashed away in an offshore account somewhere that I can just pull at will and that I only wear the trappings of relative poorness to throw the not-so-smart-ones off the trail. That aggravated the hell out me. BUT! I did not go the with a pissed off binge route. I stayed the course and had a banana and a cup of cheerios in the afternoon.

But then there were afterschool activities, a visit to my grandparents house and right when I was pulling up the recipe for supper a friend came by to get some advice on some family issues so by then my schedule was all off track and I never got back to it. I don't think I went over, but I didn't stick with my plan.

My daughter ended up cooking spaghetti for dinner (because they really weren't all that enthused with what I had planned) and by the time I got through, I sure as hell didn't feel like spaghetti. So I had half a cup of chocolate pudding for dinner. *hiding under the desk right now*

I'm not going to put what I ate today. Nothing spectacular and a little weird in general considering I didn't even have dinner.

I have class on Wednesday evenings, so dinner is pretty well out for tomorrow. I also may not be posting tomorrow evening or for very many Wednesday evening thereafter.

So here are to goals for tomorrow:

  • one diet coke
  • bring a slimfast for dinner
  • exercise for at least 20 minutes
  • drink my water
  • log food in sparkpeople

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