Monday, September 15, 2008

Another day, some more chicken

So to review my goals for today:

  • Keep it down to one diet coke. Check
  • Try to drink 64 ounces of water. Check
  • Work in at least 20 minutes of exercise. Check
  • Work up a post about the benefits of flax seeds and why I need to go back to including them in my diet. Fail. Maybe some time this week.

Okay, so I did several good things today. I kept it down to one diet coke and I did drink my required 64 ounces of water and I am getting better about what I eat. Having to lay out in front of the world is a little disconcerting.

So here is today's meal:

  • Breakfast -Pita Banana Breakfast (Pretty good.)
  • Snack - one large banana
  • Lunch -WW Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans (I love these freaking things. The Lean Cuisine ones are not as good. )
  • Snack - five table spoons of Naturally More Peanut Butter Okay. This was pushing it on several reasons. One, I wasn't really hungry and at the very least I should have just had a teaspoon to satiate my lust for flax seed filled peanut butter. But the freaking stuff is addictive and while it's a healthy alternative to regular Jif peanut butter, trying to eat the whole damned jar is just not a good idea. I don't want to stop buying it because I love peanut butter, but I may have to if I don't get my shizznit under control.
  • Snack - again. Coconut cake. I don't regret the cake. That was a damned good piece of cake and I don't even like coconut. I really which I'd left the peanut butter alone and then all would have been well. I managed to restrain myself to a third of a slice. My god it was good.
  • Dinner - 6 ounces of barbequed chicken and 1/4 cup of red beans and rice.
I entered my meals and random eating into and over all, I didn't do very badly. I went about 200 calories over. (That's guesstimating since I have no idea how much was actually in the cake, but I'm comfortable with that.

And miracle of miracles, I got off me arse and did Leslie Sansone's WATP express 2 mile which took about thirty minutes.

So not a bad day in general and I'm happy with it. Especially for a Monday.

Goals for tomorrow:

  • keep it down to one diet coke
  • remember to bring my slimfast to class with me so I won't stare at snickers bars in desperation.
  • at least 20 minutes of exercies
  • park three blocks from class and walk.
  • log everything I eat on sparkpeople.

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