Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have not given up

I was forced to take to my bed for a few days after some crud infected child attended my children's movie night at school and passed it about willy-nilly. I spent a lot of time thinking about those people to "took to their bed" with full intention of wasting away from a broken heart and all that rot during the Victorian era. Dude, those people are completely out of their everloving minds. It seriously hurts to stay in bed very long.

Anyway, the creeping crud pulled me down on Saturday and I'm just now getting over it. Still tired, but breathing. I won't bother with trying to document what I ate because I basically forgot to eat until some time around Monday afternoon. Okay, it wasn't exactly that I forgot to eat, it just required an awful lot of energy to wash a spoon (because every child in this house thinks it's their right to have clean dishes but to not have to wash them), pull down a jar of peanut butter, stick the spoon in there after grappling the lid open and then applying it all to bread. Sometime around Monday afternoon, I did work up the energy to open those wiley wrappers on the clif bars and ate one them then went back to bed. Those wrappers are apparently pretty damned exhausting. Who knew?

On an upnote, I was waiting to lose one more pound before I changed my ticker. (I like to do it in five pound increments for some reason.) I'd been on the verge for a couple of days and was pretty sure I'd be there by today. Well, I did finally lose the pound. So you'll note the change in the ticker. Yaaaaaay. (I'm still tired, so you'll note the lack of exclamation points.)

The thing about that is, I also lost an additional four pounds since saturday because I've been sick and was too meh to bother feeding myself and also because strident coughing and laying about are high calorie burners (who knew?). I'm not officially counting those four pounds because I could gain that back fairly quickly even if I stick to my calorie/fat/protien/whateverelse goals this week. I'm not going to be disappointed if I add those back, but I'd like to go ahead and be done with them and have someone tell me "Here is a lovely consolation prize for having a shitty three days."

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